Much more than charitable activities

Working on a charity project often is more fun.  The effort we put in is no different than our regular work; in fact, it might even be greater because non-profit assignments tend to be more open, undefined, dare I say “idea-driven”.  And, we enjoy doing something good for others.

Over the years I have observed charity projects at agencies and companies, some great, and some falling short likely because the causes are not always personally relevant. When that happens, you may not get the full upside of the charity project — teams better getting to know each other, pulling together around a shared goal, and returning with a high level of energy and motivation.  Perhaps explore what you can do for your team aside from the company agenda.  Here’s one potential path, and how it lives and breathes on Facebook.

You may notice the 9 million “likes” when you check this out.  There could be an external benefit to what your team comes up with:  positive brand awareness that travels across the social net.

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