Opening up to the possibilities of mobile

Omni Channel was the term used at MITX’ FutureM last week to describe our new reality of how consumers engage and shop. While that’s generally not a new concept, the updated practical context which the conference offered about mobile was very helpful. For instance, mobile is likely now the first screen on which a consumer is interacting with your brand. And, mobile commerce should be considered as part of the total retail picture rather than as a subset of the smaller online e-commerce piece. Or, case studies seem to be popping up all over the place about the momentum of mobile as a platform for customer loyalty.

My takeaway for you, as head of marketing, is to make sure you don’t assign mobile as a technical discipline or a sales channel or a communications tactic. It could be all three, and maybe even more. Instead, encourage dialogue about its potential using credible data and information, like this mobile study from the Pew Research Center. You may also want to regularly have coffee with your head of IT. The overlap is inevitable, and working through it together from the outset simply is a better way to lead your company’s marketing programs.

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