Permission to succeed AND fail

Here is another way to define permission marketing. This one has an internal orientation versus the more externally-facing idea of consumers inviting you to communicate with them which became mainstream thanks to a great book by Seth Godin.

Marketing people have a fire burning in their belly. Otherwise they would never have decided to make this kind of work their life. To truly unleash your team’s potential and the value they can create for your organization, they need to know that you — fearless marketing leader of your organization — have their back. So what’s new about that? You already believe in the benefits of empowering your team.

Well, believing in empowerment gets you only half way there. Your team needs to know that you are overtly and actively giving them permission to be passionate zealots, to conceive crazy new products, to contest the status quo, or to connect the dots in a totally new way. In that context, permission marketing is about creating a clear but supportive expectation that will drive your team’s success.  And, their success is your success.  I say let the fire burn.

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