Recognize and work the talents of your team

I recently participated in a coaching and training-related conference facilitated by Peter Block and hosted by Power+Systems. Peter is regarded highly by Organizational Development practitioners and an expert on community building and civic engagement. One of the observations he shared is that he is working on the same deficiencies today that he did 60 years ago. His feelings seemed quite strong on that subject, noting that our society is too focused on shortcomings and blind to the gifts each of us offers in our personal and professional lives.

A very public and recent example of that blindness to gifts is the Vatican’s attempt to take over the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) which oversees the majority of America’s 56,000 nuns. The gifts these nuns continue to give to our ever-changing world apparently are not that apparent.

So much of what we do as marketers is driven by the unique gifts every one of us brings to the table. Before you and your team fully devote yourself to this holiday season, find a way to be grateful for those gifts. Especially since these are the kind of presents that will keep on giving, over and over.

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