Innovation for business and team

Innovation is important, but meaningful innovation is lifeblood.

Fresh perspectives from creative thinkers outside the organization can be tremendous, just beware of hype and good salesmanship. Your internal team may actually be better equipped. They know your customers, live your brands, and get the sales channel. They may more quickly and easily catch on to the underlying human needs that are being satisfied by new technologies, and how that relates to your business.

You might even consider asking your team to do this kind of exploring outside of work. After all, thinking about marketing issues and opportunities happens when it happens.

Could they follow the next entertainment-based platform and report back? Maybe map customer experiences of the latest local apps, especially mobile versions? Would they be open to using their network of connections to test the most relevant social media platforms with different kinds of messages, content and status updates?

By asking them to have fun with new marketing technologies outside the office, you are creating four outcomes:

  1. You are making sure that your team is proactive about innovation.
  2. You are creating positive conditions for learning that marketing is almost always “on.”
  3. You are getting your team engaged in their own professional development.
  4. And when you do bring creative thinking from the outside to the table, you are building on a strong foundation.

The upshot is better, more confident decision-making when the next shiny metal object demands your attention.

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