Your brand’s data opportunity

The history of knowing customers is simple: we went from knowing very little to having mountains of data. But has the data deluge translated to stronger connections between brands and customers?

Even in data-rich 2013, the process of working the data, agreeing to what it means, and translating it to successful marketing that builds brands, remains difficult. As one example, 20 years ago we argued over what little we knew about target audiences as we wrote creative briefs. Today the debate is more sophisticated and includes personas developed from much more detailed information. Still, it is a conversation that suffers from subjectivity, complexity, even conflicts of interest.

To better connect your data to your brand and leverage your brand to grow your company, perhaps borrow a page from Collective Impact. It is a framework defined by non-profit consulting firm FSG to help solve the most complex, deeply-rooted social issues. The approach specifically calls for a backbone organization to facilitate collaboration among diverse participants, all dealing with their own motivations, pressures and realities as they work towards a shared goal.

That kind of a “backbone” could be a fresh approach to your brand’s data opportunity.

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