Why engaging marketing ideas are beyond cool

As we keep charging ahead in the 21st century, the amount of information people encounter daily continues to grow exponentially. Chaos theory is in full force. Meanwhile, content has become a centerpiece of marketing. The challenge is how to make that content engaging — how to fully activate heart and mind to ensure a prospective customer will remember you when the time comes.

You can borrow a page from Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience Learning model. It suggests that, after two weeks, we’ll remember 50% of what we hear and see. Compare that to remembering 10% of what we only read, or 30% of what we only see. That’s the case for engagement. Better yet, Cone observes that when people say and do something, they will remember 90% of it. It may be a high bar to get a prospect to say and do something as a result of your marketing content, but current customers certainly seem within reach.

The next time your creative team – whether they are on the inside of your organization or at an agency – present a really cool idea, think about what it might do to the heart and mind, and how that deeper engagement will help your brand and message stay top of mind.

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