It’s time to CMO+CIO

Research shows CIOs owning the mobile web over CMOs 2-to-1. 44% versus 21%, to be precise, and splitting ownership 27% of the time. Read between the lines of Netbiscuits’ report and you’ll note CIOs coming across as more flexible whereas CMOs appear to want it all, tension that is not new but increasingly out of place. Tough to solve day-to-day, especially if your marketing landscape looks like anything like Gartner’s digital marketing transit map. Your team’s effectiveness will rise dramatically when it understands the underpinnings of that tension – the differences in how marketing and technology professionals work, thrive and succeed. Whether HR helps you bring these sub-cultures together or you explore an experiential methodology like When Cultures Meet, create awareness and appreciation of what is at play and you will be putting the marketing and technology teams on the fast track, together.

© 2013 Development Practice 360, LLC.  Source: Netbiscuits, Power+Systems.