Maximizing innovation

Nothing gets in the way of maximizing innovation more than functional silos, especially in marketing.

Take Facebook as one example. Since mastering Facebook has so many dimensions, optimally integrating and leveraging this social media platform for maximum impact does become challenging. Advertising, public relations, promotion, customer service, research, and product development, just to name a few, arguably should all be part of the answer.

Affinnova’s technology platform is another example — an optimization algorithm that is married to real-time consumer feedback (i.e. market research.) Spend a little time getting to know Affinnova and you will discover the methodology’s huge potential to disrupt the entire path of marketing development. The company’s work could dramatically change up how internal and external talent is deployed, which makes it relevant to many groups inside an organization, not just market researchers.

So how do you integrate across silos to maximize innovation?

Well, it may actually be less about silos getting in the way and more about human needs. Structure and process inherent in silos do a lot for us. They break down complexity, bring order to chaos, offer stability, guide towards outcomes, even map potential paths of success. These are ‘benefits’ that often help us thrive in career and life.

The net for me? Partnership across silos (e.g. disciplines, groups, departments etc.) is fundamental for companies to succeed. That means paying close attention to the needs of an organization’s human capital comes first. Innovation will follow. This report by McKinsey and The Conference Board offers great context. It is a call for marketing leaders to work closely — and proactively — with an organization’s talent functions.

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