Your brave

At its very heart, marketing is an entrepreneurial thing. Driven by near-obsession with innovation, we throw ourselves at business problems. We push to solve in totally new and better ways than anyone else. We risk, and we fail, but we remain relentless in our quest for triumph.

It is a fire in the belly you want in your team, temperament you seek in recruits. More than that, it is an asset to nurture and develop. But, can it be taught?

Framed by James Surowiecki of The New Yorker as an “unquantifiable mélange of risk, hope and hype that is the capitalist’s formula for transforming the world”, it seems like you don’t have a choice but to coach entrepreneurialism.

One simple starting point is acknowledging acts of inventiveness and bravery on behalf of the organization — formally, as part of annual performance evaluations, when in the moment, even in passing. My bet is that your team’s entrepreneurial spirit and hustle will flourish when you do, especially if you show them your very own brave.